Abstract & Surreal

Just a little experiment using the Glow filter.

A solitary Crocus, converted to Tungsten colour space, glowing in the twilight of the day.

The characteristic shape of a mature female Hemp plant (Cannabis sativa), in tungsten colour space.

A close-up shot of a budding Coral Carpet (Sedum album). I played a bit with the Colour Balance to achieve a dreamy, underwater effect.

As I had two almost identical shots of this budding Tulip, I decided to play with the Radial Blur filter on this one.

Rainy Winter Morning (double exposure)

Reality Distorted


Underwater Forest

Glowing Lilac Leaves

Black-Eyed Susan

Autumnal Abstraction

Ghost Flight

Kamikaze Pilot

Riding the Rails

OMG! A Terrorist Attack!

Reflections in a… Puddle

Double Symmetry

Cosmic Jellyfish

Boolean Sphere (made with 3D Bryce)

FraxPloration (made with KPT Fractal Explorer)

Simple Effect

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