International Politics

The Great NATO Manipulator

NATO: The Most Dangerous Military Alliance on the Planet

Uncle Sam’s Proxy War in Ukraine

West has Declared Total War on Russian World

As the Russia-Ukraine conflict heats up, NATO is now portraying itself as a first responder to the flames it helped to fan

The war in Ukraine as seen from a satiric (and historic) perspective. Who is really pulling the strings?

Putin’s Special Operation

Biden’s ‘Successful’ Mission in Syria

Amnesty International has Declared Israel an Apartheid State

NATO = North Atlantic Terror Organisation

Russia is right: The West promised not to enlarge NATO and these promises were broken

Sir Tony Blair – the War Criminal!

The U.S. War Machine at Work

The Liberation of Afghanistan

Another War Criminal (Donald Rumsfeld) has Met His Maker

Washington Has Enabled Israeli Extremism

Wars with No End in Sight

America is Back. Or rather, the U.S. War Machine is Back!

After 20 Years of War: More than $2 Trillion Spent and 240,000 Lives Lost

The Biden Hypocrisy

The Psychology of Fact-Checking

Pest or Cholera? Your Choice, Dear Americans

In our modern Western society the truth will NOT set you free, but rather kill you

Syria has Every Right to Fight Terrorists in Idlib

Licence to Kill

Narendra Modi’s Islamophobic Agenda

A Heroin’s Fall from Grace

The Happy NATO Family Celebrating a ‘Brain Dead’ Alliance

Be the Change You Want to See

About Political Correctness

The Learning Channel

Crucifying the Truth Tellers

Preaching in Absentia

The Eternal Destroyers

The Samson Option

Another ‘New Beginning’ for the Middle East

A Hollow Victory

Still a Great Ally

American Exceptionalism is Nothing New

NATO’s ‘Humanitarian’ Mission in Yugoslavia, 1999

If Trump Says So…

The Blue vs the Red Pill

Meet the Master Race

All You Need to Know about Bloody Gina

Letter to a Friend

Daddy’s Girl

The Chemical Weapons Hoax

Land of the Exceptional

A Wakeup Call

Waffle House Waitress on the Loose

Got a Hammer – Looking for Nails

Crisis Resolved

With Love from Russia

Burden of Proof Reversed

The Proof is There… or is It? Show Us the Proof, Boris!

Listen to Us Now!

The Russian Troll Farm Charade

Got Military, Need Victory

We Come in Peace…

My Duty

Raise Your Kids with Thoughtfulness

I Am Not Sorry

About Security

The Origin of Radical Feminism

Regarding Sexual Equality

Mary’s Confession

Nazis Marching Again, MSM Silent (Ukraine, October 2017)

We are at War with Russia (quoted from a neocon propaganda video)

About NATO

Meet Prince Charming of Greater Arabia

His Master’s Voice

Best Buddies

The No-Go Zone

Take a Knee

What Happened? I Still Don’t Get It

Graveyard of Empires

America’s War Addiction

The Dirty Business of Regime Change

Empire of Chaos

New Faces, Same Damned Lies

The Great US/NATO Opium Bonanza in Afghanistan

Thank God for Modern, Precision Weapons…

Straight Talking

We Don’t Want Them Nukes

The Russian Hacking That Wasn’t

Self Reflection

Obama’s Wiretapping Frenzy

The Drone President

She Did It Her Way

War Racketeering

The Warmongers’ Nightmare

The Most Important Topic on Earth

Stop the Lies!

About Privacy

Master of Reconciliation

The Greatest…

Hasta Siempre, Comandante

The Bogeyman

When the Taliban were the Good Guys

Operation Cyclone: How Global Jihad was Created

With Friends Like These…

The Universal Population Control Formula

The Puppet Master’s Secret

Time to Scrap Israel’s Apartheid Wall

Stop the Illegal Siege and Occupation of Palestine

Next Battle of the Holy City

While Dreaming of a Greater Israel

The Butcher of Beirut

An ‘Honest’ Zionist

The Iron Wall

Father of Zionism

A Reminder from the Past

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