Stubble Field in Mono

Playful Sky in Mono

Windmills on My Nerves in Mono

While Waiting for Don Quixote

Rock and Stump in Mono

Peace in Mono

Gnarly Roots in Mono

Bare Willows in Mono

Anette Borg, directing manager of Slagelse Musikhus.

Torben Heegaard, flutist of the local latin-jazz band Los Malos.

Ulla Brandt, bassist of the local rock band Sarkasmus.

Dexter Gordon Quartet performing at Antvorskov Højskole in Denmark, 1970.

Portrait of an old flame of mine. Image scanned from a B/W film taken in 1969.

Pangandaran is a small, but very picturesque peninsula, located on the south coast of western Java, Indonesia. The area was severely hit by the 2004 tsunami, as were many other places in Southeast Asia. Image scanned from a colour slide taken in 1980, then converted to monochrome.

Singapore never sleeps. Streets, shops, markets and the whole inner city are fully alive around the clock. Fascinating indeed. Picture taken around midnight at one of the night markets. Image scanned from a B/W film taken in December, 1978.

Curious in Mono

Grazing in Mono

A young Eurasian Brown Bear (Ursus arctos arctos) climbed all the way up to the top of the tree. Captured at the Copenhagen Zoo.

Grey Heron in Mono

Heron Portrait in Mono

Banking in Mono

Promenade in Mono

Under the Umbrella

Battered Field Mushroom in Mono

Aquilegia Leaves in Mono

Mexican Delight in Mono

Close-up of a Persian Jewel (Nigella damascena). I Applied some filters from Topaz Studio to achieve a painterly effect.

Thistle Globes

Chinese Lantern in Mono

Chanterelle Sculptures in Mono

Crimson Sunflower in Mono


Sunflower Study

Sunflower Knot in Mono

Hairy Bloom Bud in Mono

Gently Swaying in the Wind

Getting Late in Mono

Double Helix in Mono

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